Or… Start Your Renewal via Email

There’s no need for a time-consuming office visit. If you prefer email, just complete this form and one of our friendly brokers will call you to finish the process of your ICBC renewal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information should I have with me when I call?
You will need:

  • Your Driver’s License
  • Easy access to e-mail
  • A credit card for payment or;
  • If you plan to switch to monthly pay, you will need a scanned void cheque or pre-authorized debit form to email
  • If you are looking to receive a discount on next year’s renewal for driving less than 5000km, we will need a recent picture of your odometer emailed to us
How will I sign the documents?
During this time, you must consent to receive personal information, insurance forms and, if applicable, banking information by email. This consent will work in lieu of a standard signature.
What transactions can I complete with you?
We’re now able to complete all ICBC transactions. Most transactions are able to be completed by phone, but you will need to visit one of our offices to complete the following transactions:

  • Transfer of a vehicle
  • Out of Province Registration
  • Estate Transfer
  • Any transaction that requires a New Plate

Please see our walk-in service hours for the current hours of operation.

What if I need to cancel my insurance?
We are able to process cancellations over the phone also. You will require all the same information as needed to renew. You may also be required to bring in both your license plates and the non-registration portion of your insurance documents. We are currently accepting drop off of those items at all locations during our regular office hours.
If I renew over the phone how do I get my decal?
  • Once the renewal is complete we will mail you a stamped hardcopy of your documents along with your decal.
  • If you need to use your vehicle before receiving your decal, you may do so without a current decal, however, once you receive your decal, it must be displayed.
  • Law enforcement have been advised that there may be some people driving without a current decal. Police can confirm whether someone’s insurance is current by checking CPIC and the ICBC databases.

Or… Come Visit Us!

If you are completing one of the few transactions that require a visit to the office, our three locations are now open for walk-in visits from 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday (with our Fairfield location open until 7pm Wednesday-Friday, and Fairfield and Sidney locations open from 9am-5pm on Sunday). We greatly value your business!
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