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Everyone in B.C. is required to purchase their Basic Autoplan Car Insurance from ICBC. However, it is also possible for you to purchase additional coverage through Harbord, increasing your protection and giving you peace of mind.

The most popular private car insurance policy in B.C. is AutoCover, which offers drivers better coverage, including lower deductibles, emergency roadside assistance, and loss of use. Additional protection is available for collision, excess liability, and comprehensive coverage.


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Serving All Regions of British Columbia

Harbord provides a comprehensive private auto insurance package called AutoCover across B.C. There are two choices available to you as the policy owner.

Vehicle Types Covered:

Vacation Trailers

Classic Trailers


Commercial Fleet

Light Commercial Vehicles

Off-Road Vehicles


It is the all-inclusive branch of AutoCover, which includes everything we offer. Because this option consists of all available protections, we can provide this extended coverage at a discounted rate. The AutoPlus package contains all of the following:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Replacement vehicle costs on cars up to 3 years old
  • Optional limits for Third Party Liability
  • First Accident Forgiveness
  • Collision and Comprehensive
  • $1200 coverage for Loss of Use of your vehicle and Travel Protection
  • Rental Vehicle coverage for any car in North America
  • Lock Protection
  • Under-insured Motorist Protection at $2 million
  • Destination Protection


AutoStandard is for vehicle owners who wish to be selective about the specific options they want in their extended coverage. This occurs when applicants have rental car protection or collision and comprehensive already covered under their existing policy. AutoStandard allows you to choose which policies and limits meet your particular needs and budget.


Barbara H.

I was attended to by Charles Baidoo and I want you to compliment him on my behalf. He was courteous, has a lovely sense of humour and was very respectful. I am not sure why I would expect anything different from your staff. I have always had good service, hence the number of years I have been a client.

Charles clarified a concern I had about a possible occasional driver (twelve times) and was most helpful when indicating to me where I had to sign/initial and why I was to do that.

He is an excellent representative for Harbord Insurance. Thank you Charles

Margaret B.

I spoke to your agent, Cindy, who made the process of renewing coverage quick and easy. Cindy was extremely pleasant and went out of her way to find and send the application for collector plates. I really appreciate that renewals can be completed over the phone. Too many workers today lack customer service skills. Cindy was excellent!

Chris H.

Happy to say service is very good. Not only did your employee do what I needed he chased me across the parking lot to give me a loaf of bread I left.
We come to your office for any auto related paper.
Maybe I should get a quote on my house insurance.

Bill D.

I dealt with Cindy on Denman Island.

She is absolutely terrific. Patient, knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Cindy made the entire process entirely painless.



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