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All vehicles in B.C. must purchase their Autoplan Auto Insurance from ICBC, this is a legal requirement. Be that as it may, it may also be possible for you to purchase additional coverage with Harbord, increasing your protection and giving you peace of mind.

The most popular Private Auto Policy in B.C. is Autocover. With Autocover, drivers are able to get better coverage including lower deductibles, emergency roadside assistance, and loss of use.

AutoCover, allows you to gain additional insurance protection for collision, excess liability, and comprehensive coverage.

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The most popular Private Auto Policy in B.C. is AutoCover, which provides a variety of benefits

  • No Deductibles for fire, lightning or theft
  • Discounts for electronic and mechanical immobilizers
  • Plus a Range of Optional Extras, Including:

    • Replacement Vehicle Cost on Cars up to 3 Years Old
    • Excess Third Party Legal Liability
    • Roadside Assistance
    • Underinsured Motorist protection
    • Loss of Use and Travel Protection
    • Rental Vehicle Coverage

  • AutoPlus Includes All Emergency Roadside Assistance, Plus:

    • Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection
    • First Accident Forgiveness
    • Enhanced Vehicle replacement Coverage
    • Destination Protection
    • Loss of Use
    • Travel Protection Lock Re-Keying
    • Family World Wide Transportation

Why Choose Us?

  • For the Convenience

    We have fully licensed and highly qualified brokers ready to serve you 7 days a week (including most statutory holidays) plus Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. Locations and Hours

    Free parking is available at all of our locations.

    Harbord also offers you the opportunity to include your Insurance as part of your monthly budget offering various payment options. If you elect to take advantage of our premium payment options, you can choose to pay via withdrawals direct from your bank account on a schedule designed to meet your needs.

    For your convenience invoices can also be paid online.

  • To Save Money

    We’ll save you money on your Auto Insurance. Explore the many available to you, as well as the flexible payment schedules and payment methods that we offer.

    AutoCover offers you many advantages, including:

    • Lower Premiums
    • Lower Deductibles
    • Better Coverage
    • Superior Claims Service
  • For our Expertise

    All of our brokers are fully licensed and highly qualified, plus we’re not a bank or auto club where insurance is a sideline. At Harbord, Insurance is our only business!

    What’s more, each of our brokers specializes in a certain type of insurance. So when you contact Harbord about Auto Insurance you’ll be referred to one of our Auto Insurance brokers, when you contact us about Business/Commercial Insurance you’ll be referred to one of our Business/Commercial brokers, when you contact us about Home Insurance you’ll be referred to one of our Home Insurance Specialists, and when you contact us about Marine Insurance you’ll be referred to a broker in our Marine department.

  • For our Service

    Harbord is committed to delivering an exceptional client experience at every opportunity. It’s for this reason that we actively solicit client feedback. All clients are provided with the email address and direct line of our General Manager for the specific purpose of communicating suggestions, comments, concerns, and complaints to us. Clients are encouraged to provide us with feedback day or night, 7 days a week.

    All of our insurance brokers are fully licensed, highly qualified and chosen for their people-friendly approach. Clients are assigned to their own broker so that when they contact us they don’t have to talk with someone different each time, and they get to speak to someone who knows their account.

    We have fully licensed and highly qualified insurance brokers ready to serve you 7 days a week (including most statutory holidays) plus Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings evenings until 9pm.

  • For our Independence

    We sell ICBC Autoplan Policies and we’ll see if you qualify for ICBC Roadstar or ICBC Roadstar Gold coverage. We’ll also look to see if you can save money and/or get better coverage with a Private Auto Insurance Policy called AutoCover, B.C.’s most popular Private Auto Policy.

In addition to individual automobile insurance, Harbord also offers insurance for:

  • Light Commercial Vehicles (such as vans and pickups)
  • Classic Cars
  • Vacation Trailers
  • Commercial Fleet
  • Motorcycles
  • Off-Road Vehicles

We have fully licensed and highly qualified brokers ready to serve you 7 days a week, plus Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.

Just call 250-388-5533 for a quote!