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    House Insurance

    Your home is likely your biggest investment. Let’s protect it by finding your perfect house insurance policy. We’ll ask several leading insurance companies to compete for your business; you’ll see a comparison of their quotes.

    We’ve very confident that we’ll deliver a quote that is better – and cheaper – than what you’re paying at this very moment.

    Take a few minutes to complete online comparison tool and choose from several high quality insurance quotes.

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    High Value Insurance

    Your luxury home deserves a comprehensive insurance policy that delivers protection and coverage that matches the value of your house and contents. Our high-value house insurance is exclusively designed to deliver appropriate coverage for homes with a replacement value between $750,000 and $5 million.

    Condo owners can also apply for our luxury home protection if your condo or apartment needs contents coverage of over $150,000.

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    Condo Insurance

    Condo owners will find relief using our condo insurance comparison application. We ask several of Canada’s premiere insurance companies to simultaneously provide quotes on your condo or townhouse. If you own an apartment, a condo or a townhouse, you’re welcome to complete our comparison quote form and save money.

    It will take you 10 minutes and it might save you a bundle on your annual condo insurance policy.

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    Tenant Insurance

    If you rent your home, you understand need to protect your belongings from water, fire, vandalism or theft. Tenants also get to take advantage of our amazing quote comparison tool to get the best possible quote for tenant house insurance.

    Take 10 minutes and let our quote form to gather comparison bids from several leading insurance companies in Canada. You choose the best one, it’s that simple

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