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Condo owners will find relief using our condo insurance comparison form. We will ask several of Canada’s premiere insurance companies to simultaneously provide quotes on your condo or townhouse.

It will just take you 10 minutes and it might just save you a bundle on your annual condo insurance policy.

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Traditional insurance companies will attempt to push a single insurance product. It’s usually their in-house policy and they sell the same product to every customer.

On the other hand, we know you are unique; you’re not ‘every customer’. By grabbing a bunch of competing companies to quote on your business, you can compare them side-by-side and choose the best value.

Different Insurers – Different Discounts

Each insurer develops their own discount strategy. Only by comparing them all together using our quoting tool, can you really see who stands out among the rest. Try it out today!

Available Discounts

We’re Independent!

We’re not an insurer; nor are we owned by an insurer. We’re truly independent and so we work for you rather than for the insurance companies. We don’t play favourites with the Insurance Companies. With us, you will be able to compare multiple insurance quotes and make a decision on your terms. We’ll show you every quote, every time. You’ll quickly determine whether you’re paying too much by what the insurance marketplace offers you in the list of quotes.

We’ve Got You Covered if the Worst Happens

We only deal with very reputable and financially secure insurance companies. These companies are significant and have huge financial resources to call on. If we don’t have 100% confidence that these companies can cover your claim, we simply won’t deal with them. This is our commitment to you. Some of the companies that will compete for your business are Aviva, CNS, Intact, Family Insurance and Travelers Canada.

Insurance Providers

Our People!

You’ll get personalized advice from a qualified condo and townhouse insurance expert. Every member of our team have been selected for their customer service qualities and their ‘can do’ attitude. At Harbord, our reps will make sure you get the coverage you need—at the right price.

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