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Our high-value house insurance is exclusively designed to provide coverage for homes with a replacement value between $750,000 and $5,000,000. Your luxury home deserves an insurance policy that delivers protection and coverage that matches the value of your house and contents.

Condo owners can also apply for our luxury home protection if your condo or apartment needs contents coverage of over $150,000.

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High Value House Insurance

The Luxury Home or High Value program, designed for expensive homes valued between $750,000 and $5,000,000 contains many beneficial features. Coverage for liability, expensive jewellery, identity theft and several powerful claim protections should you need to file for a settlement are all part of our luxury home insurance policy.

If your single-family home qualifies for this policy, you’ll benefit from these advantages and more.

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High Value Condo Insurance

Your upscale condo needs an upscale insurance policy. Your condo’s master policy only covers areas outside your walls, so it’s up to you to protect your high value condo and belongings.

Luxury condos with contents valued at over $150,000 qualify for our high value condo insurance policy containing significantly more protection than standard condo coverage at very competitive prices.

9 Powerful Advantages
of our high value home policy

House Only
  • Claims Settlement – No “Same Site” Restriction

    When a house is destroyed, almost all other insurance policies obligate the policy holder to rebuild on either the same site or the adjacent site. But with Harbord’s High Value Home Policy, this restriction doesn’t exist and the policy holder can rebuild where they like. The choice would be yours.

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  • Claims Settlement – Cash Payout on the House

    There’s another way that Harbord’s High Value Policy allows for a way of settling claims when a house is destroyed that’s far more flexible and fair than the industry norm. Here’s how it works. If you didn’t want to rebuild, the only cash settlement offered under the terms of most other policies would be based on quite a lot less than what it would cost to rebuild. But with Harbord’s High Value Home Policy, if you didn’t want to rebuild you could take a cash payout equal to the full amount that it would cost to rebuild. You could then do whatever you wanted with that money; perhaps use some of the cash to buy a smaller house or condo and use the money left over however else you wanted. The point is that the choice would be yours.

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  • Mortgage Rate Protection

    If your home were destroyed, your lender might “call in” your mortgage. If you then had to arrange a new mortgage at a higher rate, your Luxury Home policy would pay the difference between the old and the new rate on the balance of your outstanding mortgage. Very few other Home Insurance policies provide any mortgage rate protection at all.

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House & Condo
  • Liability Coverage

    Most other policies limit their liability coverage to one or two million dollars but Harbord’s High Value Policy provides $5 million in liability coverage. And the coverage is broader too. For example, it protects you if you’re sued for slander or if a worker is injured at your home. Most policies don’t.

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  • Claims Guarantee

    In the rare case that your claim cannot be resolved to your satisfaction you will receive a cheque in the amount of your annual premium. Claims service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • Jewellery

    With most companies, insuring jewellery is so difficult and expensive that you don’t even want to bother because you have to get each item appraised and then you’re charged an exorbitant rate to list or “schedule” each item separately. But with our High Value Home Policy, having your jewellery insured is easy. No appraisals, no lists, no schedules. That’s because jewellery is automatically covered to a way higher limit than almost all other policies. And, as long as your jewellery falls within a $50,000 limit that also includes furs, there’s no extra charge.

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  • Wine

    Whereas most policies don’t provide any coverage at all for wines, our High Value Home Policy provides coverage for losses to wine at your home, including breakage, up to the replacement cost of $10,000.

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  • Identity Theft

    Most other home insurance policies, if they provide any protection at all against identity theft, limit that protection to $10,000. With Harbord’s High Value Home Policy, you’re insured against identity theft up to a limit of $30,000.

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  • Claims Settlement – Cash Payout on Contents

    The terms of almost all other insurance policies obligate you to replace destroyed or stolen possessions. If you don’t want to replace some or all of them, the cash settlement offered would be based on quite a lot less than full replacement cost. But with Luxury House Insurance policy, you could just take a cash payout equal to the full replacement cost of your possessions, without any deduction for depreciation. Once you’ve got the cash, then you can decide what you’d like to do with it.

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