For Boat Insurance, talk with Harbord’s Marine Department.
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Marine Insurance – The Right Coverage, at the Right Price!

When you call Harbord to talk about Boat Insurance, you won’t talk with just whichever staff member happens to be most available at the time you call. Instead you will be referred to Harbord’s Marine Department. We understand that you and your boat are unique and that you need to boat insurance that reflects that, at a good price. Just call our Marine Department and we’ll be delighted to help you!

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Why Choose Us?

  • To Save Money

    Our Marine Team shop the marketplace to get you the right coverage, at the best prices.

    Here are some of our Boat Insurance markets:

    Discounts are also available for boater experience, boaters age, boater education, theft deterrent devices and being claims free.

  • For our Service

    Harbord is committed to delivering  an exceptional client experience at every opportunity. It’s for this reason that we actively solicit client feedback. All clients are provided with the email address and direct line of our General Manager for the specific purpose of communicating suggestions, comments, concerns and complaints to us. Clients are encouraged to provide us with feedback day or night, 6 days a week.

    All of our brokers are fully licensed, highly qualified and chosen for their people-friendly approach. Clients are assigned to their own broker so that when they contact us they don’t have to talk with someone different each time, and they get to speak to someone who knows their account. 

    We have fully licensed and highly qualified brokers ready to serve you 6 days a week (including most statutory holidays.) Locations and Hours

  • For our Independence

    Harbord is an independent insurance brokerage. Harbord is not an Insurer; nor is Harbord owned by an Insurer. Being independent from any Insurer allows us to work exclusively on behalf of our clients instead of for an Insurer.

    It’s our independence that allows us to shop the insurance market place on your behalf, show you the results of our shopping, explain the pros and cons of the various quotes we obtain, and then allow you to choose the Insurer that you feel is offering you the best value.

  • For the Convenience

    We have fully licensed and highly qualified brokers ready to serve you 6 days a week (including most statutory holidays.) Locations and Hours

    Free parking is available at all of our locations.

    Harbord also offers you the opportunity to include your Insurance as part of your monthly budget offering various payment options. If you elect to take advantage of our premium payment options, you can choose to pay via withdrawals direct from your bank account on a schedule designed to meet your needs.

    For your convenience invoices can also be paid online.

  • Coverage Highlights

    • Protection & Indemnity – up to $5 million available.
    • Policies available on an “agreed value basis”.
    • Uninsured boater and uninsured or under-insured vessel coverage to match P&I limit.
    • Watersports liability coverage to match P&I limit.
    • Sudden & accidental pollution coverage.
    • Not at Fault – No Deductible Clause.
    • Claims Forgiveness, Hull & Machinery Claims only.
    • Non-Owned Boater (BI & PD) coverage.
    Coverage criteria and thresholds may differ from above.


Just call 250-388-5533 for a quote!

For Marine Insurance enquiries or to get a quote