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Travel Insurance

Harbord can provide you with the travel/excess medical insurance policy you should have in the case of a medical emergency while you’re travelling outside British Columbia. We offer coverage on a ‘per-trip’ basis (maximum of 365 consecutive days), or worldwide coverage on a single or family basis, with no age limit. We also offer annual travel policies, to coverage you over multiple trips, depending on your pattern of travel, as well as coverage for new visitors to Canada.

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Single Trip

Per-trip coverage to a maximum of 365 consecutive days. Worldwide coverage is available on a single or family basis with no age limits.
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Annual Coverage

Annual coverage for frequent travellers. Wordwide coverage is available for an unlimited number of trips. Choose from 7-day coverage to 183-day coverage, depending on your pattern of travel.
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Visitors to Canada

Visitor coverage is available for people travelling to Canada or new residents to Canada waiting for provincial medical benefits.
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