Teenage Drivers and Auto Insurance

Getting your driver’s license as a teenager is one of the first significant steps toward independence. Being able to drive around on your terms brings much freedom; however, with this freedom comes much responsibility. Driving and insurance for teenage drivers can pose some challenges. Getting Your License The first step in understanding insurance for teenage […]

What to Do After a Car Accident

Regardless of how hard you try, unfortunately, accidents happen. It is essential that when one does occur, you know what to do. This not only alleviates the fear of being in one, but it also makes the entire process much easier and less stressful. First Steps Depending on the size of the crash, your first […]

Get Your RV Summer Ready!

We are finally just weeks away from summer… which means it’s just about time to dust off all that camping (or glamping) gear and get out there! Whether in an RV, pop-up camper, camper van, or even tent, this checklist is an excellent guide to the must-dos before getting on the road. It’s better to […]

ICBC Decal Elimination & Introduction To Online Renewals

Get ready for two new changes to ICBC this weekend! As of May 1st, 2022, BC drivers will no longer be required to display insurance decals on their license plates. After May 1st, you can remove your decals, cover them with any color of plain material, or you may legally continue to display expired decals. […]

Motorcycle Safety Tips!

As a motorcyclist, you are more vulnerable on the road than the drivers of passenger vehicles. Motorcycles are small, making them less visible to other vehicles. On a motorcycle, you also lack the extra protection of a seatbelt and airbags. In BC, motorcycle accidents increase in the spring and summer and, unfortunately, lead to more […]

Safe Winter Driving Tips

Driving in winter can be intimidating, so we’ve developed a guideline to help you move confidently during these wet winter months! Prepare Yourself and Your Vehicle Preparing yourself and your vehicle is the first step to ensuring a safe winter drive. We strongly recommend going through this checklist before hitting the road. Install winter tires. […]

Top Tips To Keep You Safe As A Pedestrian

As the days get shorter and the weather worsens, it’s essential to be extra cautious on the roads, which is advised for drivers and pedestrians. Studies show that nearly half the crashes that occur in B.C. involve pedestrians. These accidents almost always happen in the darker months, from October to January, and typically occur at […]

Car Thefts: Top Tips To Keep You And Your Vehicle Safe

With warmer weather rolling in, we are all eager to get outside- spending more time outdoors and on the road. As beautiful as British Columbia is, it is ranked #3 in Canada for auto theft. There are many reasons why individuals decide to steal cars. It may be to resell them above market value, to […]

Top Tips To Avoid And Prevent Distracted Driving Risks

We recently published a car insurance post on top driving safety tips, but in this post, we want to focus on some top tips to avoid distractions while driving. Keep these in mind whenever you plan to go; stay focused and safe! Get Comfortable & Prepared Early The first tip that CARFAX gives regarding distracted […]

Driving Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents & Insurance Claims

With the warmer spring and summer weather rolling in, you’re probably starting to creep outside a little more, and that usually means a lot more driving. Perhaps you are planning some road trips or summer vacations as well. Here are some driving safety tips to keep in mind to help you stay safe from car […]

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