Insurance Brokers Ask a Lot of Questions. Here’s Why.

We’re pretty conscious about the information that we share online. Even more so, we’re very protective of the personal data that strangers such as Insurance Brokers ask of us. So when we are confronted with a gigantic questionnaire, this can test our comfort level and possibly send us out the door. As invasive as it […]

Home Insurance – Understanding Personal Liability Clauses

Home insurance is an umbrella term that describes a bundle of policies that protect various areas of home ownership and liability. One such clause is the homeowner’s liability or personal liability coverage. Liability coverage is a crucial part of your home insurance, so take a moment to read through these few points that could protect […]

Insurance Broker or Insurance Agent: What’s The Difference?

The main difference between an insurance broker and an agent is that an agent represents the insurance company, while the broker represents the insurance buyer, an individual, or a business. So What’s The Deal With Insurance Brokers? Brokers don’t carry contractual obligations with any one provider, so they can reach out to several insurance companies […]

Your Insurance Broker Wants To Run A Credit Check – What Should You Do?

It might seem out of the ordinary for your insurance broker to ask you to submit a credit check. You’re not applying for a car loan or a mortgage, so why are they asking? Still, something about the words ‘credit check’ gives us all the chills. In this case, it’s about the industry’s ability to […]

Compare Insurance Quotes Online at Harbord Insurance

Do you want to compare Home Insurance Quotes online? Getting a home insurance quote couldn’t be easier with our new online insurance quote tool at Harbord Insurance. With the release of our new website, we wanted to provide a quick and pain-free way for everyday people to find the best possible prices for home insurance […]

Tenant Insurance – Never Underestimate It’s Importance

“Flood destroys a lower-level rental unit. Unfortunately, the tenants did not have insurance and lost everything.” We have all seen these tragic stories on the news. It’s a heart-wrenching situation that often plays out. Fortunately, there are options for people in rental situations that are extremely affordable and will protect them from unpredictable weather or […]

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