Local Fire Shows Importance Of Having Renters Insurance

A local Langford, B.C. couple hopes to remind tenants who rent to consider renters insurance after a fire destroys most of their possessions. As homeowners, we can easily understand the importance of home insurance to protect the property in case of significant damage. On the other hand, tenants who rent should also understand the importance […]

What Is “Proof of Ownership” For Insurance Claims?

Whether you’re a renter with tenant insurance or an owner with home/condo insurance, part of your insurance coverage is meant to protect your personal belongings like furniture, clothes, electronics, art, and jewelry in case any get stolen or damaged. However, just because you own the items doesn’t mean they are all thoroughly covered. This article will […]

Tenant Insurance: What Your Landlord’s Insurance Covers, & What It Doesn’t

As a tenant, you may think that your landlord’s home insurance or condo insurance covers you entirely, but that’s not true. Yes, you don’t need to worry about fixing certain things as a renter because much of that responsibility is your landlord’s. You don’t need to worry about home or condo insurance because that is […]

Climate Change Is Affecting The Cost Of Insurance. Here’s Why.

We’ve all heard about “global warming” and the climate risks that come with it, but what does that have to do with insurance? A lot! Insurance companies and those who purchase insurance are trying to mitigate risk as much as possible, and as risks increase, so do the costs that go with managing those increased […]

Save Money (& Time) on Home Insurance with Today’s Online Shopping Tools

Home insurance policies have been present in North America since the mid-1900s, but much has changed. Technology advancements have given consumers an extra edge in price shopping to get the best insurance rate possible. Home insurance can have high costs, but logically so, homes are usually the most expensive asset most of us will ever […]

Learn About Tenant Insurance For Renters & Landlords

Whether you’re a tenant renting from a landlord, or a landlord renting a home to tenants, insurance is a lifesaver. However, the type of insurance that the landlord needs differs from the type of insurance that tenants need. Read this entire post to ensure you are fully covered with the proper tenant or rental insurance […]

Over-Sharing On Social Media: 5 Common Mistakes

Social media is everywhere these days, from Facebook to LinkedIn, from Instagram to Snapchat, and more – social media is everywhere, and so is sharing on social media. However, sometimes people (accidentally) over-share on social media, which can have DRASTIC negative effects on one’s life, from personal security to increased insurance costs. Read on to […]

Don’t Be Afraid Of Soft Credit Checks. They Could Save You Money.

Did you know that having a soft credit check on your credit score could save you money on your home and private car insurance? It’s true! Many insurance brokers are willing to offer a “good credit discount” – if they don’t already offer it. Most insurers could and should offer the discount, though, as they […]

Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for celebration and rest, but it’s also when accidents and crime rates spike. Yup, unfortunately, it’s true. According to Janet Lauritsen – a criminology and criminal justice professor at the University of Missouri – robbery and personal larceny are two types of crimes that go up during the holidays. […]

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