General Safety Tips To Avoid Insurance Claims

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Insurance is often bought as a financial risk precaution regarding accidents. Whether in your car, home, boat, or business, there will always be risks that could potentially lead to an insurance claim.

Therefore, by applying some additional safety measures, you can drastically lower the chances of having to submit a claim. Please read some of our great general safety tips that can help you avoid having insurance claims.

Auto Safety Tips

Car insurance is often the first kind of insurance most people purchase in their lifetime. Yet, auto accidents and auto insurance claims are frequent. Here are some safety reminders to help you stay away from having to submit auto insurance claims in the future.

Don’t Drive While Distracted – Stay Focused

Texting, phone calls, and eating are common distracting factors when driving, which is why there are laws around not texting while driving. Still, according to ICBC, there are more deaths from driving and texting than from impaired driving! However, other forms of distraction while driving can also be emotional distress, fatigue, medication, and even distracting passengers. Always ensure your focus is top-of-mind when behind the wheel.

auto safety tips Harbord Insurance

Drive Defensively, NOT Aggressively

There is no excuse to drive aggressively on the road. Even if you are running late, always ensure you go passively with a vital consideration for others on the road. Follow road rules like speed limits and traffic lights/signs, and watch out for other vehicles and passengers. Do not drive too close to others; always be aware of what others are doing while going. Many times auto accidents are caused by another person’s mistake, and if we are driving defensively, we might be able to avoid being tangled in these circumstances.

Home Safety Tips

Home insurance is another primary type of insurance that many people will purchase in their lifetime. Whether it be for a place that you own yourself or insurance on a unit you are renting, there are always risks of accidents that could lead to insurance claims, so it is essential to keep safety in mind at home too. Below are some excellent home safety tips to help you avoid home insurance claims.

Upgrade Your Security System & Habits

Upgrading your home’s security system can please home insurance providers, but there are different ways to increase the security of your home outside of the alarm system. Mainly regarding lighting and your security habits. Adding extra outside lights around your house can keep burglars away as they will have a more challenging time finding dark corners around your home. Also, habits like always locking the door, setting your alarm (if you have one), and even keeping some lights on if you’re going to be away from home for a while are all great extra home security tips. If you are going to be away from your home for an extended period of time (days or weeks), you may want to ask your neighbor to check in on things occasionally, and you could even ask your mail provider to pause delivering mail to your empty home. Hence, it is not so obvious that someone is not home.

home safety tips Harbord Insurance


Improve Your Storm Safety Standards

Although not everyone’s home will be in an unstable region due to natural disasters and storms, many people live in these areas. One can do a few things to decrease the risks of insurance claims during a storm. Removing valuable items that stay outside, like patio furniture or gardening equipment, is a significant first step. Many batteries can also cause power surges, so it is also a good idea to unplug major electronics during large storms to avoid any issues during a possible blackout. Protecting your home with extra precautions like sandbags and water pumps can also be very effective against wet weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms.

Maintain Safe Fire Precautions

Another way to please home insurance providers is by ensuring your fire safety is up-to-par by upgrading and maintaining your smoke detectors. However, fire safety can go much further than keeping your smoke detectors up-to-date. This includes being more cautious whenever handling fire and heat. That means being very careful with candles and other open fires around the house, and being careful when cooking is another way to keep fire risks at bay.

maintaine safe fire precautions

Avoid Water Damage

Water damage can be very costly for homeowners. Even a small water leak can cause significant damage to a home, and some areas may not even be covered by regular home insurance. Always ensure your plumbing is maintained to current standards, and always keep an eye out for any possible water damage so that you can resolve the issue as quickly as possible if it occurs. Water outside of the home can also be a risk, so it is essential to keep an eye out on exterior gutters, etc. as well.

The Bottom Line

We live in a world surrounded by risks every day, which is why having the proper insurance is essential. However, there are many actions we can take to minimize these risks further and reduce the chances of having to go through claims.

We hope the tips above will help you stay safe in your everyday lives. If you have any questions on how to mitigate your risks, please get in touch with our team.




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