Going On A Camping Trip? Here’s How To Keep Your Real Home Safe While You’re Gone

how to keep your home safe when traveling Harbord Insurance

Although many national and international vacations have had to be canceled or postponed this year due to COVID-19 social distancing measures, many of you have turned to local activities to help spend the summer months. For those of us who live in BC, that means camping trips!

Camping can be a great activity to enjoy the outdoors while taking a break from your usual home setting. However, don’t completely forget about your home. Here are some tips on ensuring your home is as safe as possible while you’re gone to avoid any hassles with theft or damage that may increase your home insurance premiums.

Place Your Belongings Securely Inside

You may live in a decently safe neighborhood, but that still doesn’t mean you should tempt any thieves by leaving valuable items outside for all to see. If there is anything of value outside your home, it may be best to bring it inside to keep it secure while you’re gone on your trip. Items like motorbikes, lawnmowers, tools, and even your prized garden gnome could be snatched up by opportunistic passers.

Ensure Windows Are Closed and Locked

Before leaving on your trip, ensure all windows are closed and locked. Open windows are a security hazard if you’re away from home for a while without anyone checking in. If you want to leave a window open, so it doesn’t get very stuffy inside while you’re gone, opt for a tiny window that is almost impossible to climb through.

close and lock windows Harbord Insurance

Ensure Doors Are Closed and Locked

Of course, all doors should be closed and locked before you leave. Double-check this before you go. Also, any spare keys that may have been placed outside should be very hidden.

Talk To A Trusted Neighbour

If you have neighbors you like and trust, consider speaking to them to give them a heads-up that you’ll be away for a while. They can keep an eye on the property to ensure anything suspicious (lights on or movement inside) is reported.

talk to a neighbour Harbord Insurance

Ask A Family Member To Stop By

Family members who live close by can also be great for keeping an eye on the home, and they could also keep a spare key if needed or stop by while you’re gone (make sure you let your neighbors know about this if you speak to them).

Don’t Overshare On Social Media

Oversharing on social media can put your home at risk. Pictures of your home, photos of your trip or social check-ins that reveal you’re away from home, and other oversharing are all best to be avoided – at least until you’re back.

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Install Cameras Inside and Outside

Security cameras that record the inside and outside of your home may seem like an expensive overkill. Still, one can purchase a security camera set for relatively cheap, which can be great for keeping criminals away or recording footage if there’s an incident.

install cameras Harbord Insurance

Install A Security Alarm System, If You Can

Installing a security alarm system that sounds off a loud alarm and contacts local authorities in case of any triggers (the door or window opening after the notice has been set) is also a great way to keep your home safe. Installing comprehensive security alarm systems can also reduce your home insurance premiums by up to 20%!

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If you have questions about other ways to keep your home safe and reduce your home insurance premiums, we encourage you to contact us at Harbord. Our knowledgeable team is happy to answer any questions you may have, and we can also provide you with free quotes!

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