Does Your Home or Condo Insurance Have Water Sewer Backup Coverage?

flooded condo basement garage
Dec 31

With the winter season now in full force, rain and snow are apart of the seasonal forecast. This means that more water is needing to be safely directed away from our homes and streets through our perimeter drains and sewers.

Most home and condo owners have home insurance policies with coverage on some water damage that may occur, but many policies do not have coverage for flood or water sewer backup damage- unless this coverage was specifically requested. When it comes to coverage on the damage done to a property from flood or sewage, many owners don’t realize that they’re not covered.

What Is Water Sewer Backup?

Sewer backup commonly occurs after very heavy rain or snow has overflown the city’s and/or your home’s main drains. This causes sewage water to back up and overflow into your property from below or from your drains. This type of damage can be extremely expensive to repair, with the average cost in Canada to repair a flooded single home’s basement being close to $50,000.

Causes of Water Sewer Backup

Water sewer backup is often caused by harsh climate, but ageing, damaged, or blocked drains can also be the main causes. Old sewer lines can break and collapse, be crushed, clogged or even penetrated by tree roots. Drains may also get clogged over time from grease, food particles, coffee grounds, hair/fur, and other items that should not really be put down the drains or sewer systems. All of this can contribute to the water-sewer backing up.

causes of water sewer backup

How To Prevent Sewer Water Floods

There are some action items that homeowners can take to help prevent water back up on their property. This includes:

  • Inspecting sewage and perimeter drains to ensure that they are in good condition and clear for water & sewage to properly flow through.
  • Install a backup water valve.
  • Once again, only allow water (or other liquids with a water like consistency) to go down the drain. Try to avoid food scraps, coffee grounds, hair, fur, and grease from going down your drains or toilet. Use a garbage bin instead, and a strainer in the sink drain.
  • Secure water sewer backup coverage protection for the property.

Water Sewer Backup Coverage Protection

Sewer backup coverage is additional coverage for your property that protects you from the risks of having to repair the damage done from water backup flood damage. Since the average cost to repair flooded basements and other types of property damage done by floods or water sewer backup is close to $50,000, it makes sense to know what type of coverage your current policy has for these specific risks and to possibly ensure coverage for it. Many standard home insurance policies do not have water sewer backup coverage unless specifically requested, so check your coverage!

Speak & Work Pro-Actively with Your Insurance Broker

As we often suggest, working closely with your insurance broker to know exactly what types of coverages are included in your current policy (and which are not) is a smart idea. Once you feel you have all the info and options you need, you can move forward with the best insurance coverage and policy for your property. Working with an independent insurance broker that can provide you with the best quotes available for you and your property is strongly recommended.

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