Insurance Coverage for Art, Antiques and Collectibles

Fine Art Collections and Collectibles Insurance Coverage
Feb 25

You may have insurance for your home and the contents within it, but are the higher value assets in your home fully covered?

As we acquire more and more items throughout our lives, we always want to make sure that our most valuable assets are insured. Whether it be a home, car, boat, business, or anything else that is valuable- we want to make sure it’s protected. The same applies to assets you may own such as fine art, musical instruments, antiques, or other types of valuable collections and collectibles.

Theft or damage from a fire or natural disaster can severely impact any private collection’s worth, so it’s important to obtain proper coverage. Discussing your unique needs with a knowledgeable insurance professional, with training in coverage for fine art and other areas, will help you take the guesswork out of choosing the best coverage for your valuables.

Coverage for Private Collections & Collectibles

Below is a list of the main types of items that insurance coverage for collections and collectibles would cover. There are many different areas.

Fine Art

Fine art covers many types of art, from paintings to sculptures and more. Although these types of items are mainly desired for their aesthetic beauty, they can hold high price tags. They are also symbolic of intellect, values, and much more.

Shoe Collections

Both men and women from all walks of life have been known to collect shoes or sneakers, with some people building quite the extensive collection. As your shoe compilation grows in quantity and in value, you must ensure it is covered from theft or fire with proper coverage.

Insurance Coverage for Expensive Shoes and Collections in Canada


Antique, in general, means something that is uncommon and that has been stored for over 100+ years. Antiques are recognized for being rare, incredible, and valuable. Antique items include assets like antique furniture, antique jewelry, antique clocks, and antique kitchenware.


Champagne, Chardonnay, Merlot and Malbec are just a few of the main types of wines collectors will collect. The vast history of wine, as well as the love many people have for it, makes it a popular item to accumulate. Some rare and older wines can be quite valuable.

Musical Instruments

Do you have a grand piano? How about any other type of valuable musical instrument? Some musical instruments are very expensive, and they may be especially valuable if the musical instrument is also an antique.

Insurance Coverage for Musical Instruments BC Canada

Sports Memorabilia

There are many different types of sports memorabilia, from rare sport cards to autographed items. Some of the most expensive sports memorabilia have been known to sell for millions of dollars.

Comic Books & Toys

This popular pastime hobby can also become quite a valuable collection, depending on the specific items within it. Some comic books are rare enough to hold very expensive price tags. A comic with the first appearance of Spider-Man sold for $1.1 million and Batman #1 sold for over $500,000.

Rare Books

Do you love to read and have a large collection of books? Are some of those books relatively rare or antique? If so, the books may be very valuable!

Insurance Coverage for Old Antique Books in BC Canada


Stamps may not seem like the kind of item to appreciate in value over time, but like many collections, the rareness of the item can give it much of its value. Many stamps are limited edition and can be extremely rare.


Do you have any rare or old coins? Some older coins were actually made with rare metals like gold or silver, and may be worth up to 100 times their original value!

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