Do You Need Insurance for RV or Van Life Living?

Aug 30

There’s a whole subsection of the internet pretty obsessed with “van life” living. You may be one of them or might be interested in the idea, but there are some things to know before jumping in.

Van or RV living can be quite appealing to many—a somewhat nomadic lifestyle that may allow you the privilege of living off the grid to an extent while being closer to nature and having the ability to move from place to place if desired. Heck, just talking and thinking about it makes us want to give it a try!

However, we can’t leave all of our societal responsibilities behind. Van lifers, for the most part, may still need many things from society; food/water, monetary income, and insurance. This post is meant to go over the insurance coverage options for anyone currently living the “van life” or thinking of doing so.

Car Insurance Coverage for Van Life

Do you plan on driving? As much as van living can offer an off-grid nomad type of lifestyle, the fact is that if you’re planning to drive your van or RV anywhere on any type of public road, you will need car insurance. This is to cover any liability from the risks of getting into an accident that injures someone and/or damages property. Standard stuff.

Even if you’re not planning to drive anywhere and just plan on staying put, you may still want to think about some insurance coverage.

How Much Does Your RV or Van Home Cost?


Many of the new “van life” vans or RVs we see today are quite modernized, high-tech, and can be valued well into the mid 5-figures range. That is the type of asset anyone may want to insure. Not only from potential accidents while driving the van (and the liability that comes with it), but also from the risks of standard home and property damage that may require repairs (for example, water leaks), risks from mother nature damage (wildfires, severe storms, etc.), and more.

Chances are, sooner or later you will need to repair your home, and the right type of home insurance coverage can help if any major or costly repairs are needed.

Van Life or RV Home Liability Coverage

If you plan on having visitors or allowing some sort of public access to your van (postal delivery, for example), then you may want some liability coverage. This is in case anyone gets injured in your RV or van home. Also, if you plan on parking your RV or van anywhere relatively close to other people and property, some additional coverage would be wise to protect yourself in the event of accidental damage to neighbouring property caused by you or your RV/van home.

Stay Safe & Covered While Van Living


As you can see, even the “van life” comes with some unglamorous realities and requires some responsibility. This means having a good grasp of coverage for your van home. You will need car or auto insurance if you plan on driving anywhere, and you may want some sort of home insurance coverage for extra protection property and liability as well. However, if you’re just planning to live in a beaten-up van, that can’t be driven, you may not require as much insurance.

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