Local Fire Shows Importance Of Having Renters Insurance

Importance of renters insurance Harbord Insurance

A local Langford, B.C. couple hopes to remind tenants who rent to consider renters insurance after a fire destroys most of their possessions.

As homeowners, we can easily understand the importance of home insurance to protect the property in case of significant damage. On the other hand, tenants who rent should also understand the importance of renters insurance to protect them and their belongings inside the property while renting.

No Renters Insurance? Estimate Losses to be Between $10,000-$15,000 if Major Damage Occurs

Worse yet, the couple didn’t have renters insurance as tenants to cover the damage to their belongings. Everything from their furniture and décor to their clothes and electronics was destroyed. They were also left without a home, so they had to find alternative accommodation while looking for a new long-term home to rent. They estimate their losses to be between $10,000 and $15,000. These are losses that could have been covered with renters insurance.

no renters insurance estimate loss Harbord Insurance

Coverage For Your Belongings

The central part of one’s renters insurance policy will be coverage for belongings within the home that could get destroyed in case of significant damage. Again, this can cover all the furniture and décor in the house, clothes, jewelry, electronics, personal items, and more.

New Accommodations Support

Another aspect of one’s renters insurance may also be coverage and support in the event of accommodation emergencies. If a tenant is suddenly left without a home, they may need to stay at a hotel or other more expensive option until they can find a new place to rent long-term. This causes extra money and stress, so having some support during this process can help.

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