Meet Mike Chagun (otherwise known as Dave) – Insurance Broker – Auto – Personal Lines & Autoplan Trainer

Mike Chagun Harbord Insurance

“The Insurance industry is fluid, and things are constantly changing. We have pitchers throwing curveballs at us every day, and we have become adept at knowing how to react!”

Meet Mike, one of our Insurance Brokers; Mike moved to Victoria 3 years ago from Salmon Arm, B.C. He picked Victoria because he loves being by the ocean and has a thing about Ferry boats! He started working in the insurance industry nine years ago, with the last three being at Harbord.

“I really feel lucky to work with such a talented group of brokers. I was first attracted to Harbord by the knowledge held by the staff members, I felt (and still feel) that this is the perfect place for me to learn from the best. I want to know the most and be the best, and this is the place to reach that goal.”

“Harbord has grown an unbelievable amount since I started with them. We started out with a very small administrative department in the back of our main office, a handful of insurance brokers who did everything with very little specialization (very broad focus), and a processing department consisting of 2 or 3 people. Now we have a much more organized broker system with brokers being able to work within their own strengths and support one another, a full infrastructure system (with their own office) that keeps our office ticking and makes our lives much, much easier and a fully operational processing team that works hard in the background to give those of us in sales the time and ability to do what we do best.”

“There aren’t a lot of males working in this industry; over the years, I’ve come to respond to practically every male name imaginable, especially if I’m new to a location. On my first day, some staff members couldn’t remember my name and decided I looked like one of her former co-workers, “Dave.” She called me Dave all day, and it somehow just stuck!.”

“I’m looking forward to learning more from the wealth of knowledge in this company and someday being able to pass that knowledge on to brokers like myself.”

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