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Meet Sue Oliveira – Sidney, B.C. Insurance Broker – Auto, Home, Personal, Marine & Business Insurance

Meet Sue who recently started working at our Sidney location. Sue moved to the Island 2 years ago after purchasing two local businesses with her husband, and she has over 20 years of experience working in all facets of insurance.

“After getting my license in 1996 I have worked in many positions over the years, as a Secretary, Broker, a Departmental Manager, including putting on Strata Council meetings in respect to insurance (both commercial Strata and personal condo policies), a General Manager at a large Brokers as well as Vice President of Insurance for AVIVA Canada representing 4 Provinces and 2 Territories.”


“Once I had settled in the Peninsula, I started to look for work as I wanted to remain in the insurance industry to ‘keep in the loop’ and because I missed working with clients and getting to know them. Harbord seemed like the perfect fit due to its great reputation and focus on customer service.”

“Insurance is forever changing and it use to be the biggest risk being insured against was Fire and while that is very destructive, the resulting damage from water claims are on the rise resulting in increased deductibles specific to water as the proper clean up to avoid mould and mildew are very costly. This shift is one that we have been seeing over the past several years and will continue to see moving forward.”

“I am really enjoying working with the team at Sidney; they are knowledgeable, fun, customer service focused, and a real pleasure to be a part of. I look forward to many more years here.”