Over-Sharing On Social Media: 5 Common Mistakes

Jun 19

Social media is in all places these days, from Facebook to LinkedIn, from Instagram to Snapchat, and more – social media is everywhere, and so is sharing on social media. However, sometimes people (accidentally) over-share on social media. This can have DRASTIC negative effects on one’s life, from personal security to increased insurance costs. Read on to learn 5 ways and reasons to not over-share on social media platforms.


(Accidental) Address Reveal

Revealing your address on social media is one of the worst mistakes anyone can make. Unfortunately, this happens more often than people think. This is very common when people buy a new home and post “just sold” pictures to share on social media. It’s fine to do that, but always keep your personal address private and hidden. You don’t want anyone to start stalking you or anyone to start targeting your home in any way (see more below).

Old house with sold sign on front lawn


Vacation Photos, While On Vacation

Imagine one day you’re on vacation, sharing pictures of your awesome trip while adventuring or relaxing, and when you arrive back in town to find that your home has been broken into or vandalized. Can’t happen to you? Think again! If anyone knows you’re on vacation, and if they know your address (see above), you’re telling everyone that your home is probably unoccupied. That makes your home a great target for anyone who may want to break in.

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Social “Check-Ins”

Many people use the “check-in” features of social media because of how easy it makes to post about a cool place you’re at. However, similar to sharing vacation pictures this shows that your home is unoccupied. These social “check-ins” can be dangerous! Anyone who knows (or can find out) your address could decide to target your home.

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Displaying Wealth

Unfortunately, many people like to use social media to showcase the best parts of their lives; their new homes, their vacations, their new clothes/accessories, or their new car. As nice as it may feel to share (or brag) about these great aspects of your life, displaying your wealth in any way on social media is another way to attract those who may want to target you. A common form of this is when newly engaged couples share pictures of their engagement rings. The best route to take with social media is to stay humble. Do NOT display your wealth in any way.

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Staying Smart (& Humble) On Social Media

As great as social media is at connecting people, sometimes that can be a bad thing if you are oversharing. This is because if one isn’t careful, they can attract the wrong kind of people to target them.

Always keep your personal information private, including and especially your address. Avoid letting people know that you’re away from home, whether it be by sharing vacation pics while on vacation, or by sharing social “check-ins” of where you are. Lastly, don’t display your wealth in any way on social media because that can attract break-ins. This is especially the case if people can easily find out your home address, and they can easily see that you aren’t home.

If your home is broken into and any belongings are stolen or damaged, this can increase your home insurance costs! It’s best to avoid the hassle altogether by simply staying humble on social media and being careful not to overshare.


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