Patricia Whitefield is the General Manager at Harbord Insurance

Patricia Whitefield Harbord Insurance

“I love working at Harbord because the staff and management are working towards the same goal – excellent client service.”

Meet Patricia Whitefield, our general manager at Harbord Insurance. Patricia has over 30+ years of experience as an insurance broker.

“I was born and raised in Victoria, as was my father. For a short time I moved away from home to take a job in Regina, then Winnipeg. I started my insurance career in Winnipeg at an auto claims center very similar to the claims centers that ICBC has in Victoria. I always knew I would return to my home town before putting down roots, so when I returned to Victoria in 1974 I started my first job as an insurance broker. After a few years I found my forever home at Harbord Insurance starting in 1983 as an auto and house insurance broker. Over the years I have had several roles; Personal Lines Manager, Commercial Broker, Marine Broker, and now General Manager.”

“Our organization’s #1 goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service. I am proud to say that we are working on that every day in every way. We have a great enthusiastic and empathetic staff committed to helping our clients with all their insurance needs.

Our 26,000 clients have come to know that we will shop their coverage with our markets each year and offer the latest new coverages available.

I appreciate that at Harbord we value every staff member’s opinion, and we work together to change things that aren’t working. I also appreciate that my role allows me to hire and mentor staff with little or no experience to get them started on a lifelong rewarding career like mine has been.”

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