Roof Renovations For Home Insurance Rewards

Roofing Renovations
Oct 16

When you think about renovating your home, It’s likely you think about completing updates to the inside of your house like the kitchen or bathrooms. There’s a lot that can be renovated and improved on the exterior of the house and in some cases, can be extremely important – take for instance, the roof. In this article we’ll go over why renovating your home’s roof as it ages, is important. Further, your new roof can have positive effects on your home insurance policy.

The Roof Over Your Head

When you refer to your home as the “roof over your head” you are beginning to emphasize how important your house’s roof really is. A home’s roof will provide warmth and shelter from the cold weather, wind, rain and/or snow. Roofs also protect the inside of homes from growing mold and mildew too. A house’s roof is very important, which is why keeping it strong and healthy is one of the best ways to protect a home!

Rain on Roof


How Old Is An Old Roof?

If your house’s roof is starting to get old, then you may want to seriously consider making some roof upgrades. A roof’s lifespan typically lasts for about 20-25 years before it requires some upgrades, so keep that in mind. If your roof is getting close to that age range, or starts to show serious signs of wear and tear, it’s time to consider a roof upgrade! Roof renovations can help lower your home insurance premiums too.

old roof on a house


Roof Upgrades May Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums

Upgrading your home’s roof can substantially lower your home insurance premiums. Because an older roof is more prone to leaking and/or collapse, the risks are seen to be higher, and so the insurance premiums are higher too. However, upgrading your old roof will substantially lower the risk of leaks or collapse, and your home insurance policy may be adjusted to lower premiums to reflect this.

New Roof on House


Costs Of Upgrading A Home’s Roof

The overall cost of upgrading a home’s roof depends on a few factors, like where you live, how big the home is, materials used, and more. You can always request free quote estimates from providers in your area to gauge what the cost range may be (and price shop too).

Roof Work


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