Does Your Home Or Condo Insurance Have Water Sewer Backup Coverage?

With the winter season in full force, rain and snow are a part of the seasonal forecast. This means more water must be safely directed away from our homes and streets through our perimeter drains and sewers. Most home and condo owners have home insurance policies with coverage for some water damage that may occur. […]

Climate Change Is Affecting The Cost Of Insurance. Here’s Why.

We’ve all heard about “global warming” and the climate risks that come with it, but what does that have to do with insurance? A lot! Insurance companies and those who purchase insurance are trying to mitigate risk as much as possible, and as risks increase, so do the costs that go with managing those increased […]

Protect Basement Flooding With These Tips

Water damage prevention is essential when it comes to home maintenance and protecting your home from risks. Water damage is the top single cause of property damage losses, accounting for almost half of all property damage claims. Basement flooding is a leading cause of property damage caused by water damage, so we thought we’d give […]

3 Things You Should Know About Home Insurance In BC

The brokers at Harbord Insurance are experts to Home Insurance in BC. We might be biased, but we think BC is the most beautiful place on earth. From the ocean views on Vancouver Island to the terrain of the Rocky Mountains – we live in the best province. However, all of that beauty does come […]

Does Your Home Insurance Cover Overland Water & Flood Damage?

Home insurance for overland flooding and water damage is a relatively new policy addition for Canada. This type of coverage protects landowners from water that damages their property through heavy rains, spring thaw, sudden snow melt, or the overflowing of rivers and lakes. In June 2013, the world witnessed the devastation in Southern Alberta when […]

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