Learn About Tenant Insurance For Renters & Landlords

Whether you’re a tenant renting from a landlord, or a landlord renting a home to tenants, insurance is a lifesaver. However, the type of insurance that the landlord needs differs from the type of insurance that tenants need. Read this entire post to ensure you are fully covered with the proper tenant or rental insurance […]

Over-Sharing On Social Media: 5 Common Mistakes

Social media is everywhere these days, from Facebook to LinkedIn, from Instagram to Snapchat, and more – social media is everywhere, and so is sharing on social media. However, sometimes people (accidentally) over-share on social media, which can have DRASTIC negative effects on one’s life, from personal security to increased insurance costs. Read on to […]

Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for celebration and rest, but it’s also when accidents and crime rates spike. Yup, unfortunately, it’s true. According to Janet Lauritsen – a criminology and criminal justice professor at the University of Missouri – robbery and personal larceny are two types of crimes that go up during the holidays. […]

Liability Insurance – Consider It Before Inviting People Over To Party

Picture this. It’s May Long weekend, and your friends are coming up to visit from out of town. You haven’t seen them in years, so you throw a little house party in their honor and invite everyone you know. You’ve got everything ready for their visit; the food, drinks, and even that new sound system […]

Home Insurance – Understanding Personal Liability Clauses

Home insurance is an umbrella term that describes a bundle of policies that protect various areas of home ownership and liability. One such clause is the homeowner’s liability or personal liability coverage. Liability coverage is a crucial part of your home insurance, so take a moment to read through these few points that could protect […]

Home Insurance – What Does It Do When You’re Not At Home?

Don’t let its name fool you. Home Insurance covers far more than just your home. One of the most significant pieces of your Home Insurance package is Liability Coverage, and your liability coverage follows you, whether you’re at home or away. What is Liability Coverage? Liability coverage is the part of your package that gives […]

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