Save Money (& Time) on Home Insurance with Today’s Online Shopping Tools

Home insurance policies have been present in North America since the mid-1900s, but much has changed. Technology advancements have given consumers an extra edge in price shopping to get the best insurance rate possible. Home insurance can have high costs, but logically so, homes are usually the most expensive asset most of us will ever […]

How To Save Money On Car Insurance For Electric Cars

If you’re currently driving or planning to drive an electric vehicle in B.C., we might be able to save you money on your car insurance. No gas and cheaper insurance? That would be the best of both worlds. See if you qualify for any of the discounts in this article. Electric Vehicles That May Qualify […]

Don’t Be Afraid Of Soft Credit Checks. They Could Save You Money.

Did you know that having a soft credit check on your credit score could save you money on your home and private car insurance? It’s true! Many insurance brokers are willing to offer a “good credit discount” – if they don’t already offer it. Most insurers could and should offer the discount, though, as they […]

Why A Specialized Boat Insurance Policy Is Worth The Pennies

Why get a specialized Boat Insurance Policy? There are many additional extras that a specialized Marine Insurance Policy will cover that your Home Owner’s Insurance Policy would not. Marine Insurance – much more than just liability and hull & machinery coverage Emergency Towing– if your boat becomes disabled for any reason (and it doesn’t have […]

Your Insurance Broker Wants To Run A Credit Check – What Should You Do?

It might seem out of the ordinary for your insurance broker to ask you to submit a credit check. You’re not applying for a car loan or a mortgage, so why are they asking? Still, something about the words ‘credit check’ gives us all the chills. In this case, it’s about the industry’s ability to […]

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