Al C

My recent visit to buy my motorcycle insurance was great. No wait and quick service!

Susan F

I went to have my auto insurance renewed. The young woman who helped me even came out to my car and scraped off five years of stickers, before applying my 2018 sticker. That was so appreciated. I’ve been meaning to do it for years and didn’t have the proper tools. She was friendly and gave me excellent service.

Aaron G

I have been going to Harbord Insurance for my car insurance for around 10 years. My visit this past weekend was excellent. I cannot remember the name of the person who helped me (he sat at the back and is left handed.) He was very friendly and also professional. All my questions were answered and I was quickly on my way. People like him are the reason I come back.

Al M

The agent was terrific -she did all the # crunching to ensure she found me the best deal for my auto insurance. I was very pleased with her efforts and her personality.

Howard B

Harbord Insurance handles insurance coverage for our vehicles and our home. We are very happy with their service, advice and the depth of their knowledge. They ask detailed questions when a person seeks coverage and you leave their premises feeling very confident that your insurance coverage is the very best possible for all eventualities. Thank you Harbord!!

Steve L

Great staff, great service, great prices! What more can one ask for?

Valerie S J

I used to have to deal with 2 different companies due differences in their coverage for rentals vs owner occupied properties. I have always believed in shopping around to compare coverage and cost – and I got a good education doing so. Now, for the last 24+ years, I just deal with Harbord Insurance. Their 3 locations and one always open on Sunday AND their excellent staff converted me and continues to fill all my needs. I have followed Maggi (Patten) Clark to whichever office she is in, due to her in depth knowledge and service. Once when licensing a new car she even came out with tools and helped me put the new plate on. I have recently discovered another very good person at Harbord, Mike Chagun. My expertise is in communication, so I recognized and valued how clearly he was able to explain and differentiate between different types of coverage. People new to insurance or unsure about coverage will be well informed and put at ease dealing with him.

Alison M

I was greeted enthusiastically by the young man who took care of my business when I entered the Harbord office at Fairfield Plaza. My ICBC insurance on my car was dealt with quickly and in an informed manner. In addition, he told me of a possible advantage for my insurance on my RV that could occur upon renewal later this year. My business was dealt with more quickly that it has been at my previous location. I shall be returning to Harbord.

Bill P

We had an excellent experience with you last week. We brought our Manitoba licensed car here and needed to register and insure it. Mike is very good and managed to ensure that it is registered with BC and although we are insured here, we will be keeping a Manitoba driver’s license. We will recommend you to others.

Marianna D

I recently renewed my car insurance and the service was quick, smooth and friendly. So thank you and your staff!