Merv & Marcia B

My wife and I are always pleased to have Heather as our broker. She is very knowledgeable about her job and looks after us very well, she always gives us the best value for our dollar.

Susan C

I always get great service at Harbord, and yesterday was the best!  Mike was patient and thorough in explaining all my options for my condo and car insurance.  He took the time to compare rates and coverage’s.  I am confident that at Harbord I get the best rates for the best coverage….and constantly tell my friends that!

See you next year!

Dixie S

I would just like to say, what a delight it was to have Theresa Childs serve me. She was efficient and thorough. She showed me in a quick manner my different payment options and from that I was able to make a choice that suited me best. In my mind, Theresa is knowledgeable and very friendly.

Stacy W

Yesterday evening I went to Harbord Insurance – Fairfield and I must say – the two staff who were working went above and beyond to answer my questions. They were extremely friendly.

Thank you so much for being so amazing

Giles H

Jamie answered my condo insurance questions thoroughly and gave me good advice. A valuable employee.

Max S

Flawless, fast, efficient service, thank you.

Robyn P

I have been with Harbord Insurance for many years and will continue to be a client.  Your people are informative, professional, courteous, and always give me good advice.  They always go above and beyond when I have a problem – i.e.  water damage in my condo …. more than once. P.S.  I have and would again recommend your company to friends and family.

Sherrill M

Excellent service and a friendly agent who checked various options for me, Thanks Sherri B

Steve L

Great staff, great service, great prices! What more can one ask for?

Lynne K

Excellent, speedy service.