Dexter S.

As always the experience/service was FIVE STAR & TWO THUMBS UP!

Brian N.

Hi Patricia, yes everything was perfect, Greg I believe his name was, was very clear and polite in answering all my questions. I give him a sore of A+. I have used Harbord insurance for all my vehicle needs. Any more questions feel free to reach out to me.

Angela B.

Excellent and knowledgeable service, as always!

Travis F.

Thanks it was great the experience and everyone was knowledgeable.

Caroline B.

I had an excellent experience.  No waits, pleasant and efficient.  Thx

Phill D.

Just wanted to say, I received excellent service. Thank you very much.

Sean S.

Positive experience for sure. Professional.  Helpful.  Engaged.

Ronny R.

Everything was fantastic. Great customer service.

John F.

It is always a pleasure to come into Harbord Insurance offices and have the personalized service that your staff give. Even when dealing over the phone, or by email, the experience has been great and flawless.  Your people have always been able to give great service, and research the best rates for me. My thanks […]

Roger H.

My recent visit went well and the interaction with your staff was enjoyable. It is nice the agents let me ramble on  and  look genuinely interested what a senior has to say.. Not  very common these days.

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