Keith T.

I want to note the great service from Charlene again. Always providing great little tidbits along with the insurance I’m dealing with. Once again it’s insurance, and I shouldn’t be that happy, but I am.

Bob F.

Just to let you know that Misty, who I dealt with for my renewal, was terrific. She was knowledgeable and very helpful.

J Walsh.

Tim at Harbord insurance on Fairfield road was a delight to work with. Very personable and professional. He was effective. I have always had a great experience with your company, and look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you.

Peter S.

Everything was great (efficient, professional, and accurate).

Marian Stokes

The agent was courteous and efficient. I was in and out quick. Couldn’t ask for better service. Thanks!

David B.

Do you know how to tell when a Man is about to say something intelligent? His sentence begins with “Julie Salter was telling me…”

Darren C.

I must say that I always appreciate the good service I receive there.  This time, I was just in for car insurance renewal, and while I can do it online, I appreciate it being done right, in your office.  The person who helped me was SO efficient and professional, she was a younger lady, I […]

Shawn C.

Thanks for reaching out. I have to say Anna was wonderful during the entire process. She was extremely thorough, and pleasant throughout the process. She represents Harbord and herself on the highest level of customer service.

Marjorie I.

I went to Your insurance on the holiday & found 2 very nice fellows who wrote up my insurance.We had a great chat & they were very considerate & knowledgeable.It was a very enjoyable encounter. Thank you!

Lynn J.

I wanted to provide a positive feedback and mention that I very much appreciate doing business with Harbord Insurance. I wanted to express my gratitude to Misty Lussier for being extremely patient, helpful, knowledgeable always providing me with quality customer service via telephone with me. She’s provided me with a quote and helping me get […]