Keith A.

I received excellent service from Krishan Kumar in your Sidney branch yesterday. Much appreciated.

Vivian K.

Great customer service from Charles. He was professional and thorough. Thanks as always.

Keith T.

I want to note the great service from Charlene again. Always providing great little tidbits along with the insurance I’m dealing with. Once again it’s insurance, and I shouldn’t be that happy, but I am.

Doug C.

I want to take a moment to remark on the excellent customer service I received yesterday in the process of conducting some minor business with Harbord. The staff at your Sidney office, particularly Karen and Kenda, have always provided knowledgeable and friendly service. I look forward to going to the office to see them and […]

Terri-Ann D.

Coralee is AWESOME! I have dealt with her twice, you couldn’t ask for a better employee!

Lois T.

I can’t thank Krishan, Charles and Kimberley enough for all their patient support in answering all of our questions! Very much appreciated.

Vivian K.

Each and every time we contact Harbord staff, we are provided excellent & professional customer service. We even commented on that the other day. Well done.

David B.

Do you know how to tell when a Man is about to say something intelligent? His sentence begins with “Julie Salter was telling me…”

Kayla B.

My recent transaction with Harbord was amazing! I was on hold with another insurance company for 2.5 hours and in that time, I sent an email inquiry and received a call back and renewed my insurance with Harbord! Narender was patient, professional, and kind! It was a lovely and easy experience, I will definitely be […]

Marjorie I.

I went to Your insurance on the holiday & found 2 very nice fellows who wrote up my insurance.We had a great chat & they were very considerate & knowledgeable.It was a very enjoyable encounter. Thank you!