We are faithful Harbord customers, having our house and car insurance with you for a few years now. We are always impressed with the professionalism and overall helpfulness we receive at your company. We highly recommend you to friends, too.

While renewing our car insurance the other day, we had a very interesting experience…when we bought our car, the dealership had — insurance on site as the one to buy, so we did. Our insurance with — had a specific time frame (we bought into a policy that continued at a certain cost for X number of years), so we continued with them, while buying our ICBC portion through Harbord. This year I called — to renew, and was told they might have to call me back in 24 hours (that was surprising, but we know everyone is short of labour these days), and actually someone called within an hour. Unfortunately, the very young man who called seemed constantly confused about what he was doing and made a few mistakes, which made him even more confused when he tried to correct them. Clearly, this young man was undertrained and very immature, and we found him quite annoying to deal with. We will not be buying our private insurance through HUB again.

Within the hour we had the pleasure of going to your Fairfield Plaza office and renewing our ICBC insurance with Annika. What a difference!! Besides being such a pleasant and friendly person, she was extremely efficient and knowledgeable, as everyone has been at Harbord.

We love doing business with your company, and look forward to being your customers for many years to come.

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