I had excellent service and help from Charlene R. Yesterday.

After trying several times to reach the auto department on the phone, asking to be patient etc. (very nicely)to renew my Car license.

Time was running out, you would be closing in 15 min. I’ll have to “jump in the car” not easy at 86, to get my license due June 8.

I tried another extension and Charlene picked up the phone.

I wanted to know if there would be someone to let me in as I was about 6min. From the door! (Driving that is!)

Probably take another 6 min. To get to the door with my cane, with a couple minutes to spare! Would I be able to answer the questions and get my decal for my license.

Charlene was very helpful, I answered all the questions, she explained that I could do it all through the phone, and should I get stopped for not having an updated license just bring out the cell phone and show them my copy of the renewal.

Forget running (!!and jumping) to pick it up today. My decal will come in the mail.

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