I just received the email following up with our recent visit with Harbord and wanted to take a moment to offer feedback. These days, folks are stretched and easily frustrated when things don’t go their way. We’ve been Harbord fleet insurance customers for many years and have appreciated the good service and follow through by your agency. Due to staff shortages in our agency I had to take on the roll of fleet insurance renewal and I hadn’t done that for a few years so I reached out and it took a couple of tries before I connected with Raman. At first, I was like all of us out there, easy to judge the slow return of my calls and then I took a moment and remembered that we are in this together. My staff get sick and I don’t have replacements either! Raman was so helpful, knowledgeable, resourceful and efficient, knowing that she was trying to catch up too, she prioritized us. We don’t get the thank you feedback very often- so here’s one for Raman .

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