I have been client with a company who has changed hands several times. The latest owner,——, has stopped selling auto ins in BC.? This has caused us to shop for ins for the fist time in decades.

The shopping experience was not good, with “attitude” on display from some companies. One actually made me feel like they were the customer and I was providing them the service and I’m paying the bill.!?

Tracy-Lynne and Harbord ins are a very different company. Tracy made the experience very positive. So much so that we cancelled the second car ins and placed it with her also. When the insurance comes due this winter on the truck she will get that also. All three vehicles will be with her then. Then the house??

Tracy is an exceptional representative for your company. My wife saw how well Tracy was dealing with us and she was the one who suggested we move the 2nd car over to your company. She didn’t have to force me into that move either! I know it’s not my place – I recommend a promotion and raise in pay.

Hopefully we are entering a long and good relationship.

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