I want to take a moment to pass on how impressed we were yesterday when we arrived at your Fairfield office to enquire about auto insurance, given our private insurer for the past 17 years is now out of the auto insurance business.

Raman met us outside, immediately seated us and very clearly (we’re seniors) explained what was available.  She was friendly, patient with our questions and misunderstandings, took charge when required, and offered all possible options with explanations of each.  Ultimately we will take out private Family insurance with basic ICBC but must wait until Dec. 14/21 (when our ICBC Basic coverage expires) to do so.  Until then we are fully covered with ICBC, thanks to Raman’s advice and knowledge.

The day prior we went to a competitor of yours, which was a VERY frustrating experience and a complete waste of time!  The young woman was totally inexperienced, and on her own…could not answer questions, was staring at her screen, puzzled the entire time, could not answer questions, etc.  Needless to say,  we left vowing never to return again.  The good thing was this experience led us to your office. We feel we are in very competent, caring hands, which is a major bonus in our world today!

We also dealt with Kim, at our request, regarding moving our home insurance policy to your company, when it expires next June in order to keep all policies in one place.  She too took time to explain options, answered questions expertly and said she would contact us when appropriate next year to transfer the policy.

Our kudos and thanks for the opportunity to deal with professional, well trained and managed insurance adjustors.  I apologize if using the wrong term.  They were both a real pleasure to deal with!  We look forward to many years of association with Harbord going forward.  Even though we’re “small fish” in the Harbord insurance pool, we were treated with respect throughout.  And we will tell others.

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