I was able to renew my Vehicle Insurance by phone, which is incredibly convenient. The agent who assisted me, Misty Lussier, was really terrific. I was interrupted a few times (I was at work) and Misty was very patient. She answered my questions clearly and concisely – I did not feel rushed. Misty was able to explain the ICBC extra driver definition and regulations so that I finally have a good grasp of it. I have a 25 year old son who does not live with me and, before this, I have not been clear whether it is ever okay for him to use my car – sometimes it has been very inconvenient when we have jockeyed 3 cars out of the driveway so that he can run an errand for me (but not use my car.) Misty also talked through a few scenarios that I asked about should an accident occur, etc.

She also explained the new ICBC wage loss provisions. I notice that the clarity of her explanations has meant that the information has really stayed with me.

Incredibly, with all that great service, the appointment was still much quicker than an in-person visit and I did not need to line up or wait. Best insurance renewal ever!

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