Yesterday morning I went into your Sidney office to have a routine ICBC renewal done and made an inquiry about another ICBC question that I had. I was referred to one of the Harbord staff – Kristan (I may have the spelling of his name wrong?) as he had particular knowledge of dealing with ICBC.

He was extremely helpful and listened to the problem that I had. I have been trying for months in applying to ICBC for registration on a car that I had purchased decades ago and had been through a number of steps to provide documentation and had been told that more steps were necessary. He asked a number of questions and was puzzled why my application hadn’t been approved and completed. He spent time on the phone on hold with ICBC and I suggested that could go home and bring my correspondence with ICBC and the documents I had on the vehicle.

I returned with my file and he photocopied several documents and said he would pursue the issue with ICBC. He phoned me early afternoon to say he had resolved the problem and that he could provide the registration and plates and insurance for the car. I was very happy to hear that he had resolved what seemed (to me) to be a continuing series of hurdles in registering the vehicle. He later explained that he had spend considerable time (an hour and a half!) on hold with ICBC (ICBC were apparently short staffed) – while doing other work at his desk.

In my conversations with Kristan, I found him to be perceptive and intelligent and genuinely concerned with the ICBC issue that I had been dealing with. I’m very grateful for his help and thought the timing an email yesterday from Harbord asking for suggestions or comments to be sent to you deserved to be acted on. You have a very conscientious employee in Kristan and he deserves to be recognized for his excellent customer service.

Another Harbord employee that also assisted with my ICBC issue in June and who was also very helpful and provided documentation and a support letter was Stephanie Johnson. She should also be recognized for exceptionally good customer service, I’m grateful to her as well.

Previously I had been a customer of another insurance agency but my recent experience with Harbord have been entirely positive and I will continue to use Harbord for my insurance needs.

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