Three Reasons You Should Always Buy Travel Insurance

Three Reasons You Should Always Buy Travel Insurance Harbord Insurance

Travelling should be a fun and exciting experience. Exploring new places and learning about different cultures and histories is always interesting. However, while travelling is meant to be a fun experience, a lot of pre-planning will make everything go smoothly, so when you do leave, everything is relatively stress-free. Health emergencies, lost baggage, and cancelled or missed flights are three reasons why getting travel insurance is one of those items that should be taken care of before you leave.

  1. If you have any health emergencies while abroad, having travel insurance will save you lots of money and could be life-saving. Travel medical insurance will cover expenses if you need to visit a hospital. Good medical travel insurance will mean you can focus on recovery rather than all the paperwork and bills.
  2. Everyone has a story about losing their baggage during a trip. This can because many issues, not because of the loss of monetary value but because it may cause you to lose important documents, which could hinder the rest of your trip. A travel insurance policy can help replace lost or damaged items so you can resume your journey quickly. Even if your baggage is only delayed, you may be eligible for reimbursement to purchase needed items until they are returned to you.
    Three Reasons You Should Always Buy Travel Insurance Harbord Insurance Luggage and Baggage
  3. Besides the loss of luggage, having a missed connection, a delayed flight, or even worse, a cancelled flight is one of the main annoyances of travelling. These events can cause an entire trip’s itinerary to be affected. If you have a travel policy, it may cover specific causes if any of these issues arise.


Travel insurance is a great way to make sure even if events do not go planned as you travel, you are covered in case something does unfortunately happen. As we have already explained, there are many good reasons why getting travel insurance is a good idea. It is better to pay a small price and be covered if the worst occurs than not having the coverage when you genuinely need it. If you have any questions about what travel policy you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 250-388-5533.

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