Top Tips to Avoid and Prevent Distracted Driving Risks

top tips to avoid and prevent distracted driving - secure pets
Jul 20

We recently published a car insurance post on top driving safety tips, but in this post, we want to focus on some top tips to avoid distractions while driving. Keep these in mind whenever you’re planning to drive, stay focused and stay safe!

Get Comfortable & Prepared Early

The first tip that CARFAX gives regarding distracted driving is before you start driving- make sure you’re ready to drive. This means ensuring your seat is adjusted so you can reach the pedals properly and making sure all your mirrors are positioned appropriately. Remember, you want to see the road, not the side of your own vehicle. Get comfortable, as we want to avoid having to move and adjust things as much as possible once we’ve already started driving.

Put Your Phone Away

These days, when we hear “distracted driving” it usually refers to texting and driving or generally being distracted by our cellphones. That’s because being distracted by phones is one of the leading causes of auto accidents. If you’re convicted of this driving offence, you might find your premiums jump wildly when it’s time to renew your car or truck insurance. Avoid your phone as much as possible while driving, and putting your phone away completely is strongly suggested.

texting and driving

Plan Your Route Before Leaving

Know the route to your destination before hitting the road, especially if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before. Doing so will help you avoid confusion while driving. If needed, use a map app to help with directions, but this should be the only reason why you use your phone. It should be set before you leave so you don’t have to touch it at all while driving.

Secure Passengers, Pets & Belongings

Make sure everyone and everything in your vehicle is properly secured. This means making sure you and any passengers are wearing seatbelts and are safe (especially children). This includes any pets or belongings. Don’t let your pets climb up on you while you’re driving, and ensure belongings are secure so nothing is moving around too much while on the road.

Avoid Grooming While Driving

Just like we don’t want to text and drive, we also don’t want to groom and drive either. Whether you need to put make-up on, brush your teeth, comb your hair, fix your tie, shave (electric, of course) or anything like that — do these things before or after you drive.

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Ensure Proper Energy Levels

Don’t drive if you’re feeling sleepy. Driving while tired is also a common cause of car crashes. Don’t underestimate the risks of driving while sleepy or with low energy levels. Avoid driving if you’re feeling tired, or find a safe spot to get some rest.

Keep Music or Radio Volumes Reasonable

Putting on some tunes or anything else to listen to while driving is fine, but always ensure reasonable volume levels. You’ll want to be able to hear any honks or sirens. You’ll want to ensure you can think properly and stay focused on the road too.

Eat Before or After Driving

Many people eat or drink while driving, and although it’s not illegal to do so (like being on your cell is), it’s also recommended to minimize distracted driving. Some spilled drink or food can easily become a distraction while you’re driving, so having your meal before or after you drive is strongly recommended.

top tips to avoid and prevent distracted driving - dont eat while driving

Always Stay Calm & Focused, No Mater What

Road rage is a real thing, and it can be easy to get frustrated while on the road when there’s a lot of traffic and/or others are driving recklessly. But, no matter what happens on the road while you’re driving, always do your best to stay as calm and focused as possible.

Limit Passengers & Activity Levels

Just like a loud radio can distract you while driving, so can loud passengers and high activity levels. In order to minimize this risk, never have more passengers in your vehicle than it’s designed for, and limit the number of passengers even further if you feel it’s best. You’ll also want to limit the activity level in your car, from your passengers and yourself too. Your main goal is to stay focused on driving at all times.

Wear Proper Shoes

This is one tip that many people don’t think about but can be a lifesaver. Wearing proper shoes is very important when ensuring you’re safe while driving on the road. Sandals, high heels, steel toe boots, and other shoe-wear can become quite a distraction while driving if for whatever reason you’re unable to maneuver your vehicle’s pedals properly or your footwear comes off. This can become a big distraction, but can also become a serious safety hazard if you’re unable to control your vehicle properly.

distracted driving tips - dont wear sandals or heels

Eyes On The Road

The last tip is a logical one, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to get distracted by things and people outside while driving. A big sign, a cute dog, or a car crash nearby can all be distracting. Do your best to keep your eyes and focus on the road at all times, no matter what.

Ensure Proper Car Insurance

Not having proper car insurance on the vehicle you’re driving can also become a distraction if it’s in the back of your mind, so always ensure your insurance is up to date too before driving on the road. If you’re looking for ways to save on insurance, give our auto team a call today. We can help provide you with free and quick quotes to compare in order to ensure you have the best plan available to you. Contact us today!

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