Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe During The Holiday Season

tips for keeping your home safe during the holiday season Harbord Insurance

The holiday season is a time for celebration and rest, but it’s also when accidents and crime rates spike.

Yup, unfortunately, it’s true. According to Janet Lauritsen – a criminology and criminal justice professor at the University of Missouri – robbery and personal larceny are two types of crimes that go up during the holidays. Because of this, we thought we would list some of the best tips for keeping your home safe during this busy season.

Read on to learn our recommendations to avoid dealing with cops or home insurance claims during the holidays. Stay safe this winter, and we wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

Lock Your Doors

Some of us live in safer neighborhoods than others, but there’s no excuse for not locking doors – especially during the holiday season. Criminals can still target nicer homes in safer neighborhoods criminals, so make sure your doors get locked. This is especially the case when you are not home, but even if you are home, lock your doors!

Do Not Display Holiday Gifts

As lovely as holiday gifts look with all that shiny wrapping paper, putting them on display in your window can attract robbers. Do your best to avoid the temptation of displaying your holiday gifts in your windows. Instead, opt for simpler decorations that don’t attract as much attention. Or better yet, an ornament that lets robbers know they are not welcome!

do not display gifts Harbord Insurance

Keep Some Lights On

If you will be away from home during the holidays, we recommend you keep some lights on to make it seem like someone is home. This will help keep criminals away. Even just one lit room can make a big difference!

Ensure Snow Is Shoveled

Another sign that a family is away from home for the holidays is a non-shoveled sidewalk. Not only this, but slippery sidewalks can also become a liability for homeowners if someone slips & hurts themselves on your property. Because of this, it’s essential to ensure that any snowfall is shoveled promptly. If you’re not home to do it yourself, hire someone or ask a friendly neighbor for help.

ensure snow is shoveled Harbord Insurance

Partner-Up With Neighbours

Neighbors can be very helpful in certain situations. Not only can they help shovel your snowy sidewalks (see above), but they can also help keep an eye on your property. It is always a good idea to befriend and partner up with neighbors to support each other’s homes (and the neighborhood in general).

Don’t Share Travel Plans Online

As tempting as it may be to share your newly booked holiday vacation with all your friends online via social media, you are also telling everyone that you won’t be home for the holidays, so it may be best to avoid this declaration (at least online). Share your excitement privately and with select individuals instead.

Keep Your Holiday Tree Safe

A holiday tree is a popular decoration this season, but it can also be dangerous. Most holiday trees can be highly flammable, so keeping them away from fires or heat sources is essential to avoid any significant fire outbreaks. The lights that surround the tree can also become a liability. Read on to learn more about decoration & light safety.

keep your holiday tree safe Harbord Insurance

Be Smart About Decorations & Lights

Holiday decorations and lights are a big part of the season, with most wrapping their holiday trees and homes with them. It’s essential, however, to inspect all lights and wires to find any issues with them before they are set up for the season. Use appropriate lights and cords too. If they are going outside, ensure that they are specifically meant for the cold weather found outdoors. Don’t overload electrical circuits; you may want to turn the lights off when you sleep or leave home too.

Don’t Play With Fire

Most of us enjoy a lovely warm fireplace during the winter season, and the same goes for candles’ ambiance. However, it’s always important to stay safe around fire. Don’t place gifts or decorations too close to a live fireplace or candle. If you have a fireplace, get the chimney checked and cleaned correctly. Having a fire extinguisher close by is always a good idea too.

don't play with fire Harbord Insurance

The Bottom Line on Keeping Your Home Safe During The Holidays

We want you to have fun this holiday season, but we also want you and your home to stay safe! Following the tips mentioned above should decrease the chances of any issues happening around your home during this busy time of the year. Stay safe this holiday season by following the above tips. On behalf of everyone here at Harbord, we wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year.


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