We save you money!

Chances are we’ll come up with a significantly lower price for you – sometimes a lot lower! Instead of giving you just one Quote, like most of our competitors do, we get you Quotes from a whole range of Insurance providers.


We do the comparison shopping for you!

We share all the Quotes with you and help you choose the one that’s best given your particular needs. By doing the comparison shopping for you, we get you the best pricing available and save you money!


We work exclusively in the best interests of our clients!

Harbord is fiercely independent. Unlike so many of our competitors, we don’t have our own products to sell and we don’t favour any particular Insurer over another. It doesn’t matter to us which Insurer gets your business. Whichever Insurer wins your business is the one that gets it. Being truly independent allows us to always work exclusively in the best interests of our clients.
And it’s our independence that permits us to shop the insurance marketplace on your behalf, show you the results of that shopping, explain the pros and cons of the various Quotes, and then assist you to choose the one offering you the best value – at the best price.


For our Top Ranked Service!

Our overriding Goal is to be way better at what we do than anyone else. Our Mission is to provide our clients with the best Value Proposition in existence. By Value Proposition, we mean the combination of Advice, Price, and Service (in the broadest sense of the word).
Based on nearly a thousand Google Reviews, we have attained a Google Rating of 4.9. That’s the best in the industry and most of our competitors don’t even come close to a ranking that high.

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We’re Insurance Specialists

We only hire qualified insurance experts with ‘can do’ attitudes who sincerely love their work. They will work with you to try and help lower your premiums.

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